Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Final Report

Final Report
Food Innovation & Design
HCD 2304
Section 4
Lecturer: Chef Zaid bin Abdul Razak

Group Members
Muhammad Naimul Hishaam bin Harris (KJC0970161)
Chok Vun Kien (KJC 0950420)
Muhammad Kamal bin Kamaruzzaman (KJC 0950388)

Firstly, we would like to thank our family and friends for helping us and showing their full support in assisting us while making this assignment. Without their help, we would never have finished this assignment on time.
            Secondly, we would like to thank Chef Zaid for teaching us and our fellow classmates about the topic relevant to make this assignment and for all the sacrifices he has made so that we may properly understand the subject that he is teaching us
            Last but not least, we would like to thank each other for doing our part in making this assignment

Lasagna is often described as a pasta with alternating layers of savory ingredients. We intend to recreate the whole thing by turning it into a sweet dessert instead of a savory meal. We hope to replace all the savory ingredients of a lasagna into sweet ingredients and still manage to hold it's shape.

The objective of this project is to create a new kind of dessert based on a savory meal. We want this new dessert to taste good wether it is eaten hot or cold so that it wouldn't matter what temperature the dessert is when the customer eats it as long as it tastes good.

On the first week, make the lasagna using real lasagna noodles, apples, some berries, avocado and custard


On the second week we replaced the Lasagna noodle with bread and add an addition of bananas to the fruits


On the third week, we re-vamped everything. We replaced the apples and bananas with pineapples and mangoes, the bread with sweet dough pastry and the avocado with boiled popiah skin


On the 4th week, we decided to use the same ingredients as the third week but we tried to make the end result to closely resemble lasagna


On the 5th week, we decided to make it into a multi-level fruit pie so that it can hold it's shape like a lasagna while still looking like a dessert


Throughout all the classes, we have supported and helped each other in turning this experiment onto a success story. Everyday we disuss on how we are able to improve our methods and then put the words of those discussions into action.

From all of the experiments we have done for 5 weeks, we have chosen the resulst from the 5th week to use for our product showcase. Since we have so few crew members in our group, it's all hands on deck for the event.

Organization chart
Crew members:
Muhammad Naimul Hishaam
Chok Vun Kien
Muhammad Kamal

Task implementation
Before event day
We prepared the dough early since it was the most time-consuming process of them all. We also prepared feedback forms for the food testers to give their feedback on our product
During event day
We prepared the raw ingredients early. We made the dough a few days before event day and the rest of the ingredients are cooked before presentation
Since we were about to serve 50+ people, we decided to make the fruit lasagna in small tartlet forms so that they bake faster

After event day
After the event day we counted the result strips and arranged in the pie chart below. The feedback we received from the testers range from very positive reactions to not so positive reactions (this is because Malaysians are too nice to be honest). Here are the results:
Positive: 65%
Not so positive: 35%
Problem faced
The problems that seemed obvious to the teammates and the testers were that the texture was too crunchy and the amount of filling was inadequate and inconsistent.

A lot of time was wasted waiting for the pre-made dough to defrost. What we should have done, was to send someone to defrost the dough a few hours before prep time for event day. Since the testers were getting mixed results because of the small size of the lasagna, it’s best that we should have tried to make them bigger so that the lasagnas have more room for filling.

We’ve finally completed the entire course. The event day has shown how far we have come and we’ve shown many people how much we have grown. We would like to thank Chef Zaid for his wisdom and guidance that got us to where we are today.

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